Pupil Services

Counseling/Mental Health Services

Social Worker

The District employs two full-time school social workers. The primary role of the social workers is to provide crisis counseling for students and coordinate substance abuse prevention efforts.

All students may contact the social workers through their counselor, school nurse, classroom teacher and/or a building administrator.

Psychological Services

The District employs four certified school psychologists who are available to students for diagnostic testing, group counseling and/or crisis counseling for school-related problems and concerns. Diagnostic testing may include intelligence testing, achievement testing, and developmental or personality testing. Referrals must be made through the classroom teacher and building principal.

Counseling Services

The goals of the school counseling program are to provide social, emotional and career assistance and direction.

These services are provided by certified school counselors in each school.  At all levels, counseling services are supplemented by the services of a school psychologist. The counselors provide individual and group counseling services, as well as consultation services to parents and staff.

The counselor visits classrooms to discuss various topics such as bully prevention, safe schools, violence prevention and healthy decision making. In preparation for high school, the counselor meets with the 8th grade students to review interests and academic skills. At this time, plans are made for future course selections and career decisions.  9th graders are then seen in small groups during the first month of school to aid in the transition to the high school and to address any questions or concerns. 10th graders are seen in December to become acquainted with the BOCES Occupational Programs and are given the opportunity to visit any program that might be of interest. 11th grade is a year of extensive post-graduation planning.

If secondary school students or their parents have any questions about academic programs, scheduling, graduation requirements or postgraduate plans, they should contact their school counselor.